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Personal Training

Tomlinson Top End Personal training.

After competing in the last 3 Olympic games and being one of the top longjumpers in the world for over a decade I have learned that the basis of being a good longjumper is speed strength and technical proficiency.

As a result of needing these skills I have gained a vast array of knowledge and learned the appropriate sessions to gain these attributes. From doing long aerobic work and heavy olympic lifting in the off season to maximum speed and plyometrics in the competition phase.

The knowledge that i have gained from training with the best sprints and jumps coaches in the world to gaining the experience of 8 world championships and 2 olympic finals has put me in a great position to offer my experience and knowledge to others.

Being based back in Teeside has given me the opportuntity to get back into personal training. I am willing to take on no more than 5 personal clients who want to improve on their physical and mental goals.

Free consultation available

CRB checked, Group rates and home visits available.

level 3 personal trainer

The biggest lesson i have learned is that no athlete/person is the same as another. We are all born individual and therefore need individual programmes and plans to reach our desired goals. This is where I feel I come into my own.

Any trainer can set a programme, but here I will sit down and discuss what you need and create the desired programme while continually evolving it to gain the desired effect. This results in challenges always appearing and a more enthusiastic client. Wether you are wanting to shed a few pounds for your next holiday or make the next olympics i know i can prescribe the correct programme and more importantly have great fun, in achieving it.

Cost:£50 a session or two people for £60

Group rates and block buying deals available.